Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Student looks back .... the difference music makes

Recently I caught up with a past student of mine, Laura who began her music lessons with me as part of the Music Masters Early Childhood Music program.  She is now in her first year at the University of Queensland fully emerged in the tertiary world and loving it.  While she has not chosen music as her career path, she was telling me just how significant music was to her growing up and how it still has a role to play in her life now.

I asked Laura if she would write down what she had said as it was a beautiful example of how music is experienced, learned and shared for the benefit of all...the reason I love teaching.  She has happily allowed me to share it.

I began early childhood music classes with Christine at 18 months, and music has been a constant in my life since.  Throughout primary school I learnt piano with Christine, and was involved in the St. Anthony's choir.  I went on to play the bassoon in my high school band as part of the Franciscan Colleges Instrumental Program, and was able to embrace the variety of cultural opportunities available at Mount Alvernia College. In year 12 I was awarded a dux for both music and music extension, and received an FCIP Excellence in Music Award in 2012.

When I look back, I can see that learning music has given me the passion and skills needed to really embrace opportunities in life.  Music has both challenged and inspired me at each stage of development, and taught me life skills of commitment, teamwork and discipline.  And possible more importantly, engaging in musical opportunities has given me so much joy, friends and fun!  

I am now studying psychology at UQ and my life is still so enriched by music. I am fascinated by the link between music and psychology and am taking music electives in my course finding Music Therapy and Musicology of particular interest.

For me at this stage in my life, music is both an area of study and learning, a stress release and a social outlet.  I am confident in saying that starting music classes at a young age plays a significant role in growth and development and I am so grateful I had this opportunity.  I would attribute much of my success - both academically and holistically to the significant role of music in my life.